Cooking With Crisinox

Discover the great versatility of the Crisinox electric griddle.

At Crisinox we want to put an end to the myth that grilling is bland and monotonous, and here we bring you the proof. Infinite elaborations, varied textures, all kinds of ingredients, diverse culinary techniques, and indescribable flavours. With Crisinox you will have no limits when cooking and you will get the most out of your kitchen!

Low temperature squab

Low temperature squab in its sauce, mini carrots, parmentier, mushrooms and mango chutney. The power of the griddle allows you to place pans and casseroles on the base to cook whatever you want.

Squid stuffed with black sausage and prawns

Squid stuffed with black sausage and prawns, cauliflower foam and pak choi. Only by using the Crisinox griddle you can make infinite preparations at the same time and use several culinary techniques.

Norway lobster with spicy reduction of its heads

Norway lobster with spicy reduction of its heads, asparagus from Navarre and celeriac puree. Here you have the proof that with Crisinox you can cook any dish! No limits, no diets, no monotony.

Salmon tataki

Salmon tataki with wasabi mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce and kumquat. The colour, texture, juiciness, and flavour of the salmon when cooked with the Crisinox griddle is indescribable.

Red mullet, seafood romesco and pea

Red mullet, seafood romesco, eggplant cubes and pea. Turn the Crisinox griddle into another fire in your kitchen using pans and casseroles.

Caramelized pineapple:

With the Crisinox electric griddle you can make desserts. Caramelized pineapple, brunoise, roasted banana puree and rum ice cream. Thanks to the adjustable thermostat you can always control the temperature.