The new electric griddle. Designed to be placed in any kitchen or space, with a highly efficient performance in terraces, bars, restaurants, hotels, catering and even in domestic use.



Allows you to achieve the ideal cooking temperature in just a few minutes. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can maintain the same desired temperature from start to finish.



Stainless steel construction with a removable grease tray makes clean-up a breeze. The illuminated waterproof switch tells you when it’s on.


Healthy Eating

Cook a wide variety of foods in a healthy and simple way. Food is fundamental for health, take care of yourself and your well-being.


The professional electric griddle designed to be placed in any kitchen or space. With a highly efficient performance in hotels, terraces, bars, catering, restaurants, showcookings and even in domestic use.

Compra online la plancha de cocina eléctrica
Plancha eléctrica profesional
Plancha eléctrica profesional
Plancha eléctrica profesional
Plancha eléctrica profesional
Plancha eléctrica profesional

• Stainless steel construction
• Adjustable thermostat
• Watertight button red/green
• Illuminated waterproof switch
• Height adjustable legs
• Certificate CE


Dimensions: 490 x 430 x 175 mm
Weight: 13 Kg
Power: 2500w
Voltage: 220-230v


Dimensions: 930 x 430 x 175mm
Weight: 30 Kg
Power: 2500w – 5.000w
Voltage: 220-230v


Its elegant design and dimensions will allow you to transport it in an easy and comfortable way, covering at all times any need of your customers or family.

Thanks to its dimensions, you can use it every day and cook in a simple and healthy way, whether in the kitchen, on the terrace or outdoors.

It stands out for its high quality and exclusivity. The components, the material, the power, the details, form a unique set that adds value to any kitchen or space.

Crisinox® is made entirely by CORDRICH S.L., a company located in Cardedeu (Barcelona) with more than 20 years of experience.

proper i de qualitat.

Un advocat de poble és, i entenem que ha de ser, com l’advocat de capçalera, com l’home de confiança, com el confessor qualificat. I aquest caràcter local i proper en cap cas ha de significar menys rigor, menys capacitat ni, sobretot, menys treball i dedicació en tots i cadascun dels temes, de tots i cadascun dels nostres clients. Tot el contrari. Al nostre despatx coneixem els nostres clients pel seu nom, per les seves vides i per les seves famílies. I quan el tema acaba, tot això continua.

Drawer collecting grease

New stainless steel removable drawer that is easy to clean and position based on your needs. Ideal for collecting excess oil and grease from cooked foods.

Plancha eléctrica profesional

All kinds of food

Cook a wide variety of foods: meat, fish, vegetables, sweets. The combinations and cooking options are endless. Get juicy, tasty and delicious dishes.

Plancha eléctrica profesional


Incorporate a pot or pan into the base of the griddle and use it as a stove of your kitchen. Save on space and save on time cooking. Cook all kinds of food with agility and success.