New professional grill at your fingertips. This professional electric grill can be used anywhere and performs extremely well on terraces, for catering and events, and for any other cooking needs.



This powerful grill allows you to achieve the ideal cooking temperature in just a few minutes. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can maintain the same desired temperature from start to finish, so foods always maintain all of their flavor.



Stainless steel construction with a removable grease tray makes clean-up a breeze. The illuminated waterproof switch tells you when it’s on.


Healthy Eating

You can cook a variety of foods that offer the necessary nutrients to stay healthy, have energy, and feel good.


This is a professional electric grill that can be used anywhere. It performs extremely well when used on terraces, for catering, events, family reunions, and for any other cooking needs.


Crisinox® is a professional electric grill.
Its elegant design and dimensions allow easy and comfortable transport, satisfying all customer and family needs anytime and anywhere.
Because of its size, the new professional electric grill is simple and easy to use every day, whether you are in the kitchen, on the terrace, or outside.

Crisinox® s made entirely by CORDRICH S.L., a company located in Cardedeu (Barcelona) with more than 20 years of experience.


New grease tray

New stainless steel removable drawer that is easy to clean and position based on your needs. Ideal for collecting excess oil and grease from cooked foods.


All types of foods

Fast and powerful, you can use it in just a few minutes, and it always maintains the same temperature from start to finish, so foods always maintain their flavor.


Tabletop grill

New tabletop grill for healthy cooking with high-quality stainless steel construction for easy cleaning.



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